The recirculating cooler has been especially designed to control the temperature of small-scale systems such as refractometers, photometers, polarimeters, and other similar laboratory devices.
The unit using Peltier effect is robust, compact, silent and easy to operate.

Technical parameters:Working temperature range 5 0C až 65 deg.C 
Sensitivity temperature adjustement  0,01 deg.C 
Long-term temperature stability 0,1 deg.C 
Constant temperature control 
Temperature curve control 
230 V/50 Hz 
Elektrical input 300 W 
Cooling capacity at 20 0C is 140 W 
Heater capacity 250 W 
Interface RS232 
Conductivity sensor for automatic shut  down 
Integrated programmer
Accessories:Thermally insulated silicon hoses  - 2 pcs 
Accessories may be purchased  as  required. 

Advantages:Warning system for no liquid level with automatic shut down. 
Integration of the cleaning filter into the hoses is possibble due to high performance gear pump. 
RS232 interface for on-line communication. 
It is possible to maintain a constant temperature or  to program temperature curve  according to users demands. 
The integrated display gives the user a clear and well-organized view of  real and adjusted temperature and time. 
Temperature is set with the help of keyboard.